The Obligations of Freedom

Living organisms are obliged to act. To live is to act and to be restricted to action. At all times, our bodies act to sustain life. At every moment, we are animated by the purpose of our constituent cells. Another way of saying this is: to live is … [Read more]

Manifest “Oh”

I generally look at the world as an entirely fucked up suffering place because of nature not people. Because nature itself is indifferent and harsh. I mean, Jesus, do I have to elaborate? You've seen National Geographic. The fact that human beings … [Read more]

& Blue

I wasn’t born black but I learned Hadn’t a clue how to hate but it came Didn’t know a nigger from a can of paint But I remember the day mama slapped the taste Out of my mouth for uttering it After that, nothing could stop me. … [Read more]

Underground Soul Train

They danced like they were trying to dislocate their limbs As if the point were to distribute centrifugal force as evenly as possible Along the extremities of their extremities But what can you do when a god is riding your back With a … [Read more]

Dub Steps

no woe is me sings the man from the cross black as desert glass will you forgive, will you make them a people before the common tongue escapes us and drums run wild worlds opening up a never-ending  kaleidoscope, a mandala, a pinwheel of … [Read more]


birth, death and rebirth ain’t got nothing on my credit score if there is a number in heaven surely it begins with 7 and heavenly accountants sing hosanas to an elegantly distributed balance sheet of low risk to long term, high yield … [Read more]