Falling Apart, Together

Trump literally just said he would order troops to fire on the refugee caravan coming up through Mexico if they threw rocks at them and attempted to breach the border. Breach the border? He makes them sound like the Brown Walkers.

What would happen if they did fire on them? Would his base be disgusted and find a heart or would they cheer the slaughter? It’s hard to guess from all the nice rallies he’s been throwing. I hope we don’t have to find out.

Kanye West has exited his entrance to politics with the appropriate speed of a shooting star. The cons are blaming Candace Owens for pushing him away and they have a point. She did falsely claim he had designed the t-shirts for Blexit, then falsely claim she had never made the false claim in the first place. I wonder whether Kanye finally got back on his meds or if Kim finally found her inner black woman and put her foot down on the foolishness. And mark my words, the countdown has begun until Candace “sees the light” and begins her long backtrack to the cookout. It’s cold in the sunken place, sis. Remember a sweater.

The mid-terms cometh, the mid-terms cometh! That’s all I can think about. I wake up sometimes scared I missed it. Will it be a “correction” as the centrists and progressives are calling it? Will it avert a full slide into jingoistic white nationalism? Or will we find out just how broken the soul and machinery of America is?

Speaking of broken, I am disgusted with my belly. It’s not that it’s so bad or that I’m grossly overweight, but I am vain, and I didn’t used to have to do anything to stay in a certain shape. It’s less that I’m not in peak physical condition than I’m embarrassed because it’s entirely my fault—I don’t exercise enough and I drink too much. The semi-retirement of my metabolism has laid bare my own failings as a body owner.

I think American is going through the same thing. I read today that the Big Divide is really between college educated white women and non-college educated white men. No wonder that Hillary shit didn’t fly. Blue collar white men feel left behind with nothing heavy to lift or weld or cut. The entire American economy has evolved beyond them. They want things to go back to a dirt road and pickup while the rest of the economy is zooming away in a Tesla…to space.

America’s metabolism used to be fast, fast, fast—and dependent on the backs of strong men. But God is Change. You even need a degree to die for your country these days. The maturity of our economy means it makes more sense to offload certain jobs to the places where they’re cheaper to do—because those countries are cheaper to live in. If you paid Americans the same thing you paid those folks, they couldn’t even afford to be broke here. Living in America costs more, so producing in America costs more. In the future, uneducated white guys might start migrating to Mexico or Canada for seasonal labor. I hear weed crops will be huge. But the American economy is never going to be what it once was—we’re desk workers now (look into a standing one, it’s better for your back).

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